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[You may also want to read Bruce Van Wyngarden's December "In The Beginning," which introduces this story, and Greg Akers' web-only supplement to this story, The Music of Andrew Van Wyngarden, Part One: "Oracular Spectacular" and Before.] In a way, Andrew Van Wyngarden distills certain attributes of each of the icons that occupy Memphis’ music Mt. He has the pinup good looks of Elvis Presley, and the killer musical chops of Jerry Lee Lewis.He has the wit of Isaac Hayes, the musical street-cred of Alex Chilton, and the burgeoning celebrity of a young Justin Timberlake.Then Andrew’s voice sings, “I’m feeling rough, I’m feeling raw, I’m in the prime of my life.” About a musician on the precipice of mega-fame, “Time to Pretend” is a fun, funny, tragic affair.With an infinite-mirror perspective, the character in the song writes in future tense about looking back on a career he’s fated to have.But once we started making it, we realized that the best things that were happening were the things that we hadn't planned or really talked that much about.I think in a lot of ways we were getting back to the feeling we had when we first started the band, when we never even said, "Hey, let's start a band together." We just enjoyed playing music together and writing songs and there wasn't a whole lot of discussion about what the band meant or what kind of band we were or what kind of direction we were taking. Andrew Van Wyngarden: "Alien Days" was the first song.Although it stands on its own, I think it's the song that's most in line with some of the sounds we've gotten on the first two albums, and the way we wrote it was very similar to the way we wrote "Weekend Wars" or "The Youth"those songs on the first album where I'd come up with the verse chord progression and the melody that I'm singing, and then Ben and I sat down and said, "Okay, what is the section that comes after this?" and we'd come up with the section that we would call the chorus and then we'd come up with a little solo bridge.

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In this very fast black and white clip, however intimate, Pattinson, the chilled British, named several times “Sexiest man in the world”, seems to be enamoured of Pourcheresse.

Here, Goldwasser and Van Wyngarden talk about their creative process, the newfound existential bent in the songwriting, and why they aren't a psychedelic band.