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Validation therapy was developed over time, between 19, by Naomi Feil; her first book on validation was published in 1982.Feil is a social worker who grew up immersed in the care of older adults: her mother was a social worker, and her father was the administrator of a nursing home.

One is a desire to smooth over conflict with others, and the intent may, in fact be good, but the methods may not be.

The way caregivers or family members respond to these behaviors and emotions can either make them worse or help resolve them.

Validation therapy is more than simply validating a person's feelings, although that is one component of it.

  · Sharing Humor: to bring hope and joy to the situation.

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  · Sharing Feelings/emotions: assisting clients to share feelings by making observations, acknowledging feelings, encouraging communication, giving permission to express negative feelings and modeling healthy emotional self-expression.Often when you try to placate someone, you send a mixed meaning or message.

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