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It's pretty obvious Vince is going to land the girl (you don't say!

) by the finale, so I guess we can be happy for him. Johnny and Turtle have suffered plenty of humiliations over the past eight seasons, but they've finally hit paydirt.

Let's get the least interesting storyline out of the way first: Vince is still smitten with the beautiful and intelligent journalist Sophia, and he had the vain idea of making a home video comprised of his ex-girlfriends talking about how great he is.

In the end, it's the urging of Vince's best friends (which plays off the overall central theme to the show -- bonds between boys) that ultimately convince Sophia to give Vince a chance.

It’s also where Ari managed to convince Vince that becoming an international spokesperson for foreign products could be a lucrative career move in season two, then tried to sell him on starring in crew goes to make casual conversation, Koi is where the serious business happens—at least when it comes to the often complicated, push-and-pull relationship between Eric and Ari, both of whom want only the best for Vince, but whose agendas are often misaligned.

Since opening its Zen-inspired doors in 2002, the contemporary Japanese eatery has become a perennial place for power meetings.

Is it sad it took them until the penultimate episode of the entire series to do it?

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Even though the milieu was this extravagant Hollywood life it was also about this guy who had lucked into being a movie star and had kept his childhood friends around him. You have been an assistant before—how did this previous career inform your character of Lloyd?So, in an effort to get to know the cast a little better — for better (Grenier seems like a really good guy) or worse (Connelly does not) — here are 15 Facts You Probably Don’t Know About the Cast of Entourage. Adrian Grenier very narrowly lost out to James Van Der Beek for the lead role in Dawson’s Creek (he also auditioned for Joshua Jackson’s role of Pacey)."Entourage" lovers Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Jerry Ferrara have ended their relationship.In the second season, it’s the restaurant of choice for the boys to drop the news on Vince that his Season: One Episode: “The Script and the Sherpa” If one ever needed proof for why steakhouses are the real power lunch places, just watch Ari’s reaction to the fully plant-based menu at Real Food Daily.

The scene is also a harbinger for why none of Vince’s friends were so pleased about his infatuation with new girlfriend Fiona, who turned him on to the mung bean. In real life, Jerry Ferrara (who plays Turtle) and Sigler were, in fact, an item. Season: Six Episode: “Berried Alive” A boy’s night out at 84-year-old, 24-hour Canter’s Deli takes a turn for Drama, when generally slimy producer Phil Yagoda (William Fichtner) attempts to sell Drama on the idea of leaving his series, Season: Three Episode: “Strange Days” Though Ari would never win any Husband of the Year trophy, the super-charged super-agent certainly is not without his charms—particularly when it comes for his devotion to his wife, even if he tries to hide it.The Entourage movie is out this week, and having seen it, I’m in total agreement with Mike Ryan’s review: It’s exactly what you think it will be.