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31-Jan-2017 16:31

At the time of the announcement, the co-acting regional director of the SEC’s San Francisco office stated, among other things, that [the SEC] did not believe that the [lack of] cooperation and remediation [shown by Marvell] merited a whole lot of credit in terms of giving [Marvell] a break.

Marvell restated its financial results, and stated that Dai will no longer be executive vice president, chief operating officer, and a director but continue with the company in a non-management position.

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In a press release, the company said Sutardja and Dai will remain on the board of directors, with Sutardja continuing as chair.

Marvell has created an executive committee to run the company while the board searches for new leadership.

Marvell’s accounting firm resigned a few months ago and has been replaced in the midst of the ongoing inquiry.

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Part 8 of the Retail and Banking Market Investigation Order 2017 (RBIO) comes into force on the 2 August 2017.

Broadcom is among Gartner's Top 10 Semiconductor Vendors by revenue. In 2012, Broadcom's total revenue was .01 billion. 327 on the Fortune 500, having climbed 17 places from its 2012 ranking of No. Broadcom shareholders will hold 32% of the new Singapore-based company to be called Broadcom Limited.