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If you can't find a decent list for your box, you could email us & we might* be able to help you out. Double click the first file (or right click and select extract to) Files will extract to a folder called TM800_update Open this folder Copy the TM800_file to a USB stick Follow the instructions in the pdf file The has its own instructions, and is for if you overwrite the original one and lose channels. Functions in TM-800 not yet 100% ready :::: but will be completed soon Remote button are: POS/TV-RAD/INSTALL/TV-AV/AUDIO/T. New firmware for Technomate 800HD What is new: -Disable LPCM audio -reset only channel , softcam and skin after factory reset -split softcams for protect ipkg remove bug ( softcams(bin) softcams.config(config)New firmware for Technomate 800HD What is new: 1-Zapping time 2-Remote response 3-in some channel there is audio thick 4-AC3 5-warning message ..while waiting to process a function 6-skin compatibility to stop hang-up TM800-UR-1.0.0- LATEST IMPROVEMENTS 1-There will be 2 types of remote command.This receiver is in the same casing as the (very popular) TM-1000 and TM-1500.To be honest, the front panel looks a little dated now but it's far from unattractive.The (simple green fluorescent) display is in a shiny chromed ring, with three buttons and a fold-down flap concealing - well not a great deal, really.This is a free-to-air receiver so there's no card slot here, nor common interface slot, so you can't add a CAM for pay-TV - but, actually, you can.It is only shown to unregistered visitors or members that haven't made any posts.

Continue reading Somethings really kicked the 4D team up the arse over the last week.Yep, thats right, we finally got our hands on the hardware.It sucks that we had to wait for the public release to get hold of one, but meh.We have gone from not a single image released in 6 months, to 3 in less than a week.

As usual, theres no changelog to say whats new, changed, added, removed, fixed, and broken (they always break …Changelog: * Hard drives can now be formatted from the menu out * (Sometimes it comes to the mistakes that the newly formatted drive is not then can be mounted, in this case, simply start the short box new) * Memory is directly mounted automatically after dranstecken * - Function Recordings * Settings included natively * Media Player has been activated * (Does not have any avi, mpeg, avi or else down, just to make a recording) * HDF Toolbox V3 installed * Mount Point for HDD and Co last * Various minor changes This is test image is not final please DO FACTORY RESET AFTER DOWNLOADING BY USB OR MINI WEB OR ANY DCC /FTP Etc, 1. signal message in VFD when vcr mode select 1.7 improve deep standby (when standby mode, only navigation LED display) 1.8 improve standby 2. fixed bug to work volume and mute in RCU when standby 8. Improve VFD 1.1-added VFD micom version ("Front processor ver:") in About ( old micom is "1.0.0", lastest micom is "1.0.1" ) 1.2-added resolution icon in VFD ( 480p, 576p/i, 720p, 1080i/p) 1.3-added mute, power, REC, SAT, Tu1, TER, TV and Radio icon in VFD Note) VFD Icons not ready yet : FILE / TIMESHIFT / TIMER / HD / USB / Lock / Dolby / MP3 / REC (in File Play) 1.4 fixed time bug when standby 1.5 added character font table in VFD ( some channel name was not shown in VFD) 1.6 added 밇XT. enable timer menu ( but recoding function is not stable ) 5. fixed wrong Video format and Video size in Service info menu(info - info) 7. Thanks to everyone involved in making these modifications possible.