Who is kola boof dating

20-Apr-2016 17:22

Little Black girls were raised to protect, respect and celebrate the entitlements of the little Black boy’s life—as it’s drilled into us that the whole world is out to destroy him.

If need be, the hopes and dreams of the African female is to be sacrificed for him we are raised; that his right to soar is the most important thing.

Although she was raped, Kola explains why her fear and determination to survive caused her to become close to Osama and carry out a lengthy affair. The affair allowed them to write poetry together, as well as stay near each other as she was given the duty to oversee Osama’s men, never leaving his side.

Kola Boof raised more than eyebrows with the assertion that she and Osama Bin Laden were once lovers.

But the reality is—we now live in an age where Black men’s media images worship every kind of woman but Black.

It’s an era when many Black men publicly instruct each other to ‘use black women for sex and money’ and reserve love and marriage for ‘anything but a black woman’—creating the statistical reality that most Black women will not be able to find suitable mates in their own group and are more likely to be abandoned after being ‘used for sex’ with babies.

In 2002 when the London Guardian newspaper outed my forced sexual relationship with terrorist Osama Bin Laden, the American media initially had no problem with revelations that Somi kept an Egyptian-Sudanese mistress in Morocco in 1996.

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Who was the famous person that she said she messed with or thought she should be with? Maybe folks stop talking about her because she lied about being married to that white man?

We also, as Black women, need to understand where this compulsion to be loyal to Black men at the expense of our own lives comes from.

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