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I wasn’t going to make the Olympic team, and there were younger skaters coming up. And I think quitting was a sign to me that I failed. It sounds very obsessive to a normal person, but when you try to become an elite athlete, it’s your happiness and your torture at the same time. It’s the kind of dedication and passion for something that I don’t know if everyone gets to experience. She said when I graduated, she wanted me to come work at Vogue. After 17 years at Vogue, I realized that what I was doing there was never going to change. So after investing yet another 15 years in a career that really meant something to me, I left. Each time was very, very painful, to make a decision to leave.

I didn’t know if I was ever going to be able to find something else in my life that meant quite as much. And when it’s over, and you feel like you’ve failed? So I called her, about a year and a half later, and she actually hired me! But I didn’t feel like I had reached the summit, the absolute top.

Her maternal grandfather is Fengtian clique warlord Wu Junsheng, who was killed by the Empire of Japan in the Huanggutun incident in 1928. Wang graduated from The Chapin School in 1967, attended the University of Paris and earned a degree in art history from Sarah Lawrence College. While in high school, she trained with pairs partner James Stuart, and competed at the 1968 U. Wang was hired to be an editor at Vogue immediately upon graduation from Sarah Lawrence, making her the youngest editor at that magazine.

She stayed at Vogue for 17 years, leaving in 1987 to join Ralph Lauren, who she worked for 2 years.

Her parents were born in China, and came to the United States in the mid-1940s.

Her mother, Florence Wu (Wu Chifang), worked as a translator for the United Nations, while her father, Cheng Ching Wang (Wang Chengqing), a graduate of Yanjing University and MIT, owned a medicine company. She was featured in Sports Illustrated's Faces in the Crowd in the January 9, 1968 issue.

On October 23, 2001, her book, Vera Wang on Weddings, was released.

The New York-based fashion designer, 63, whose wedding dresses have been worn by countless celebrities, announced that had separated from her businessman husband Arthur Becker two weeks before their 23rd anniversary, last July.

A talented figure skater, Wang competed professionally throughout her teens. Upon her graduation from college, in 1971, Wang shelved her skating career and began working for In 1989, Wang wed longtime boyfriend Arthur Becker.

for 15 years and then a design director for Ralph Lauren.

She designed her own wedding dress, then opened a bridal boutique and soon launched her own signature collection.

Now hugely popular, she has a large Hollywood following and also designs lingerie, jewelry and home products.

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Fashion designer Vera Ellen Wang was born on June 27, 1949, in New York City, New York.Silver medalist Nancy Kerrigan wore a unique design of Vera's for the 1994 Olympics.