Wpf datatrigger binding not updating Free porno chatroulette gratis live

25-Jun-2016 22:18

I am very new to WPF and testing some things that I would like to include in an application that I will be working on.

I have a 2 row List View (bound to a textbox) with the names Scott Guthrie and Jon Skeet in it.

Binding Expression: Path=Non Existing Property; Data Item='Grid' (Name='pnl Main'); target element is 'Text Block' (Name=''); target property is 'Text' (type 'String') It tells you that you have tried to use a property called "Non Existing Property" on an object of the type Grid, with the name pnl Main.The latter can for example be very useful for bindings in Styles and Control Templates and when you want to bind to some property in a parent element.